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Poor Credit History Car Loan for Your Dream Ride

Planning to buy a car or just swap a newer one with that good old car of yours but can’t do so, reason being shortage of funds. What pinches more is a tag of poor credit which makes the whole procedure of availing usual loans a tricky affair. It’s time you leave all these repercussions and start looking for that swanky car as poor credit history car loan has been tailored to provide finances in case you need some.

Applying for this loan is very easy. Companies nowadays are providing every thing online wherein you can manage the procurement of your loans with few clicks. Privacy is guaranteed as your personal information is encrypted to prevent it from being accessed. You can borrow from £5000 for the purpose of buying a new car or a used motor vehicle up to 5 years old.

Paying back your finance is very flexible affair. This totally depends upon you whether you will pay off quickly or stretch it over longer periods .Repayment period ranges from 12 – 60 months. The lenders are sincere enough and they take care of depreciation value by providing you with a “guaranteed future deposit” .This depend upon the model of the car, its annual mileage and how long you wish it to use. This amount is deducted from the car price and your monthly installments become low.

There is no acceptance fee as it is included in the first monthly installments. If the annual percentage rate is 0% the customer must only pay what he has borrowed with no additional amounts, whether it is interest or fees. There is no hidden cost.

Things you must know
1) All the cars are considered as brand new unless stated hence full manufacturer’s warranties are offered.
2) You can finance a used car too but from a franchise dealer and not from private dealer.
3) You can settle the agreement at any stage and you can switch over to a new car within one year of agreement

With poor credit history car loans you should not give a second thought for buying your dream car even though you have bad credit history. It’s immaterial if you suffer from arrears, CCJ’s, IVA’s, bankruptcy, payment defaults etc. Just apply for a car loan, fasten your seat belts and go for your dream ride.

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